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Over four years after RAGE was announced, the post-apocalyptic shooter is finally done. Today id Software confirmed that the game has gone gold. It will arrive as planned on October 4th in North America and on the 7th in Europe.

RAGE is set in the year 2035. An asteroid has wiped out most of mankind . The player is one of the fortunate few people who survived the cataclysm by taking shelter in an underground capsule known as an Arc. You emerge to find the Earth is now a barren wasteland rife with mutants, criminals, and worse. You've also got amnesia, so that sucks too.

At its core, RAGE is a first-person shooter. That's probably not a huge shock considering it was developed by id Software, the creators of DOOM and Quake. However, there are some RPG elements such as inventory management and weapon customization. You'll also acquire a car that you can upgrade over time. There are even some optional races you can take part in.

The single-player campaign is accompanied by two very different multiplayer modes. Legends of the Wasteland is a series of standalone co-op missions for two players. Combat Rally is a free-for-all match for up to six players. Combat Rally takes place in an arena with vehicles and the objective is to collect rally points or steal them from your opponents.

You've still got a couple weeks to upgrade your system if you're looking to pick the game up on the PC. Head here for the system requirements.

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