id Software has released a new trailer for RAGE specifically for that new-fangled invention called "the television." A television's sort of like the Internet except you have to wait to watch things you want to see - sounds pretty wild.

Anyway, it's a pretty good trailer. Most people zone out during TV commercials so they needed to keep things nice and snappy to grab the average couch-surfers' attention. As a result, the RAGE commercial packs a lot of over-the-top action footage into sixty seconds. There's a balloon with dynamite attached, a dune buggy chase, a giant ogre, and more.

RAGE takes place years after an asteroid strikes Earth. Modern civilization has been effectively wiped out. A few settlements dot the wasteland and are constantly under assault by mutants and bandits. The player character wakes up from a cryogenic sleep with no memory and finds that he's being hunted by the Authority, a mysterious paramilitary group.

Expect RAGE to hit stores on October 4th in North America and on the 7th in Europe.

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