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Originally expected to release sometime in late 2013, Ragnarok Odyssey Ace has now been given an early 2014 launch window. But wait, there’s good news! The game will be available for both the PlayStation 3 and Vita, it’ll cost $39.99 on either platform, and it’s cross-play between the portable and home versions.

XSEED Games today announced that it will be bringing over Ragnarok Odyssey Ace early next year and, for those who are upset that the portable version will cost the same as the console version, know that all launch copies of the Vita game will also come with a bonus soundtrack CD featuring 25 songs from the game.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Ace is an enhanced version of the original Ragnarok Odyssey, released last year for the PlayStation Vita. Players operate from a central hub, where they can buy and craft new gear and weapons, alter their player class, meet up with other adventurers, tweak their abilities and take on missions.

Out in the field, RO is kind of like a Monster Hunter, only more action-based and with loads less preparation and planning. Go out, kill stuff, grab loot, repeat. The classes and their move sets are varied enough to keep things interesting and monsters all have their own unique patterns, so jamming on the attack buttons isn’t always the best course to victory. And then there are the towering bosses, offering up their own brand of challenge and excitement.

As an added bonus, XSEED has announced that, along with allowing players to team up between the PS3 and Vita, the publisher will continue to support the game with free post-launch content, including new online features, daily quests, online rankings, log-in bonuses, random card draws and more.

And for those who have the original game, you can expect all sorts of in-game advancements, including new areas to explore, new monsters and bosses to slay, new gear and weapons, new Ace skills to utilize and more. Also, your character from the original RO can transfer over, and all previous DLC can also be downloaded to your copy of Ace.

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