Sony may be shifting gears in the portable market to focus on its latest handheld, the Vita, but that doesn't mean the good 'ole PSP is dead just yet, as new titles continue to be announced. The latest of these is Ragnarok Tactics a strategy RPG developed by Apollosoft and Chime, and being localized for a North American audience by Aksys Games.

In Ragnarok Tactics, the world is divided into several nations, all living under an unsteady truce. Featuring a massive story with multiple ending, players will choose their faction, combat their rivals and dispatch countless hordes of ravenous monsters. You know, typical RPG stuff.

Being an SRPG, players will recruit new allies sporting a wide array of powers and abilities, form a party, and tackle multiple maps designed to reward strategic play over running headlong into battle. If you've ever played a game with “Tactics” in the title (Final Fantasy Tactics, Ogre Tactics, um...Tactics Tactics?) then you've pretty much got the idea of what Ragnarok Tactics will have to offer.

No release date beyond “Fall 2012” has been revealed, but that means PSP fans with a hankering for some strategy-based combat won't have long to wait. The game will also allow players to exchange items or compete head-to-head via Ad Hoc, as well as offer full character customization, including modifiable skills, stats and job classes. The site is bare bones right now, but your best source for future updates will be at the Ragnarok Tactics official site.

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