One part Limbo and one part Ico, the latest creation from Sony Japan Studio and Acquire, rain, is all about loneliness, discovery, fear and isolation. It's been a while since we've heard anything from this unique-looking title, but now a new trailer and a promise that we'll see it at this year's E3 has risen to the surface.

In the frustratingly improperly capitalized rain, players take control of a young boy who discovers a girl who can only bee seen in the pouring rain. In an effort to meet the girl, the boy discovers he has become invisible, too, and is now being hunted by ghostly creatures.

In the latest trailer to be provided by SCEA, Two Silhouettes, we get a better idea of some of the mechanics of the games. Rain allows us to keep track of the characters, but wet footprints in dry areas could lead enemies straight to us. Exploration and puzzle solving is key, as the boy and girl interact with the world to make new discoveries and, eventually, find one another.

According to SCEA Associate Producer Dais Kawaguchi, rain will take players on a journey into a mysterious, varied collection of locations as they try to find out the reasons behind their invisibility and why, in this world, it's always pouring.

“Together, the boy and girl will explore more new environments such as the brightly lit circus filled with trinkets and deserted enclosures where they will have to work together in unique ways to escape their pursuers,” Kawaguchi said in a recent PS Blog post. “rain is an emotional journey that will remind players of a familiar, yet distant time.”

No word of a release date yet, but Kawaguchi said rain will be playable on the E3 floor in a couple of weeks, so here's hoping that we're getting closer and closer to an official launch on PSN.

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