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Ubisoft let loose a brand new video package for Rainbow Six Siege, highlighting the team's dedication to making a hardcore, true representation of what the original Rainbow Six was all about. In addition to this, the company also opened the floodgates for closed alpha sign-ups. You can check out the video below.

There's a brief description about the closed alpha test on the YouTube page, where it's mentioned that...
“The Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege dev team would like to invite you to participate in an upcoming Closed Alpha testing period, available on PC only. Register for the Closed Alpha now and stay tuned to the blog, where we’ll announce the dates of the Closed Alpha at a later time.”

So you don't know when it's coming... but it's coming.

The video plays up a lot of its focus on how to do an alpha test and the right way to engage the community when it comes to the multiplayer portion of the title.

The Ubisoft developers talk about how proper feedback early on with a game like Rainbow Six Siege is important, so they don't move too far ahead in development and find themselves at the point of no return – too many things set in stone with little or no room for player or community feedback.

We've also seen that beta tests happening too close to the release date can severely hamper the game's launch schedule, like what happened with Battlefield Hardline, where the game got ripped to shreds during the beta following E3 (EA decided to delay the game into early 2015). Getting positive or negative feedback at this stage in Hardline's development cycle means that there are fewer reasons to delay the game as it gets closer to release.

Rainbow Six made its re-debut at E3 last year, receiving multiple kudos for its focus on tactical, multiplayer gameplay with a lot of physics-heavy destruction. Siege was a kind of redo over Rainbow Six: Patriots, a game that Ubisoft teased previously. Patriots received very little positive feedback for its over-the-top storyline involving lower-class Americans fighting back against corruption in the upper-echelons of society. The response was pretty poor, because it painted a large swathe of struggling, working-class Americans as “terrorists.” It's easy to see why it left a bad taste in the mouths of those who lost their house, their car, their job and more during the recession.

Ubisoft played it smart with the announcement of Rainbow Six Siege by focusing more on the competitive nature of the game and the advancement of physical destruction instead of an iffy storyline revolving around class warfare.

You can register to partake in the closed PC alpha test by paying a visit to the official Rainbow Six website.
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