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Rainbow Six Siege's closed beta begins today on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The test lets players try out a range of content from the multiplayer shooter for a limited time.

Siege Beta testers will have access to two Team Deathmatch modes starting today. In "Secure Area," a team defends a biochemical agent at a fixed location while attackers must either hold that location for 10 seconds or eliminate the enemies. Defenders can win by either holding out until time expires or killing all the attackers. The "Bomb" mode tasks the attackers with defusing one of two bombs before time runs out. The defenders can win by stopping that from happening.

On September 25th, Ubisoft will add Terrorist Hunt Classic mode to the mix. This co-op mode asks five players to hunt down and kill all enemies in a given area. There are three different difficulty levels for this mode. The enemies' skill and equipment will improve as you make your way from Normal to Hard to Realistic difficulty.

These modes are playable in day or night on three different maps:
  • House - "Set in the suburbs of the United States, the House is the smallest of all maps featured in the game, but Rainbow Six Siege is all about short range confrontations and indoor environments, and it’s a prime example of destructive depth and replayability."
  • Hereford - "Hereford Base is the home of the legendary SAS counter-terrorist unit, and also secretly houses Team Rainbow. Rainbow’s training house on the ground is essentially a square building, but the layout differs on each floor, creating a wide variety of breach and defense opportunities and engagement situations."
  • Consulate - "The Consulate is located in Abidjan, the economic capitol of Ivory Coast. While the exterior is surrounded by beautiful gardens, the large and sprawling building is a fortress. While imposing, its large size can create a challenge for defenders as it offers many different entry points for the attacking team."
Players can become 14 unique characters during your missions. Each operator possesses unique gadgets and abilities. For example, Fuze can plant a cluster charge to blow up unsuspecting enemies on the other side of the wall while IQ is able to detect electronic equipment. Players can also choose to become a Recruit, a blank slate that doesn't have any unique abilities of his own but can be customized to a greater extent.

The closed beta will run until Monday, September 28th. Your limited time with the test might be hampered by technical problems, though. Ubisoft says that the purpose of the beta is to try out the game's matchmaking and infrastructure. They want that you could experience some issues when trying to start matches.

Gamers who pre-order Rainbow Six Siege are guaranteed access to the beta test. There was also a waiting list for players who registered at the website.

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