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Before the December 1st launch next month, Ubisoft is running one last open beta test for Rainbow Six: Siege. The game's final beta will actually include brand new operators to play as, as well as a brand new map for players to interact with.

Over on the Ubisoft blog there's a roll out of details on the Rainbow Six: Siege beta test weekend, which will commence for PS4, Xbox One and PC users starting next week on Wednesday, November 25th. The beta will run all the way through the remainder of that week up until Sunday, November 29th. At that point the beta will conclude and Ubisoft will have a sound idea of how many people will likely be available for the final launch of the game.

The stress test is likely to help them gauge how many servers to open up for the game and how long to keep certain servers open to handle the load. In the past there have been some games with a massive day one load but then had a fast drop off. Other games didn't have the server capacity for the amount of players attempting to play the game, and the result was that some games like Diablo 3 and SimCity suffered massive launch problems when users couldn't log into the games the day they released.

There's a fine balance to have to deal with when it comes to games reliant on servers, but to their credit (or detriment?) there's an offline mode for Rainbow Six: Siege, even though it doesn't have a single-player mode. Basically players will be able to practice against bots in some of the levels with the Terrorist Hunt mode.

But for the most part, Rainbow Six is a multiplayer focused game and the modes are centered around cooperative and competitive play, including the Terrorist Hunt mode, the team deathmatch and the bomb modes. Speaking of modes... Ubisoft will allow players to tackle the Secure Area and Bomb PvP modes for the first time in the beta, along with the new PvE Disarm Bomb mode for Terrorist Hunt.

The new modes will be accompanied by 14 playable operatives in this upcoming open beta test. This will give players a good idea of how each character plays out of the 20 available operatives that will be in the final game.

Additionally, Ubisoft is including a new map to the cycle called the Kanal. This will accopmany the Hereford and House maps that players had access to during the last closed beta test. Previously, the Kanal stage was not something regularly seen by most of the general public and was only lightly promoted in some of the trailers.

Rainbow Six: Siege is a first-person, tactical squad game where there's a large focus on deconstruction and utilizing weapons and explosives to blow through walls and structures in the game.

The title has definitely undergone some downgrades compared to when it first released, but it's still a slight divergence from what you typically get in Call of Duty. You can look for the beta to get underway next week just before the game's official launch.
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