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Reef Entertainment has sort of taken on the “Snakes on a Plane” style marketing tactic for their upcoming Rambo: The Video Game, set for release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The game is like a grand combination of amazingly bad quick-time events and old-school, arcade-style shooting segments where players are on rails, taking down countless hordes of faceless enemies.

The video gives gamers a small collection of gameplay segments from pockets of different levels, each one containing a small bit of ridiculous interactive segments that helps make Rambo one of the worst, yet most highly anticipated games ever.

The clips start off showing Rambo moving through the prison camp from the third movie, where he was sent in to rescue his mentor and former commander. The stealthing is pretty limited, but it's at least there. We see that the movement is mostly relegated to 'W','A', 'S', 'D' and relates to quick-time button prompts. Later on in the video we see when a prompt is pressed too early, but I'm not really sure what the downside is of that. I tend to doubt the game features multiple routes like Beyond: Two Souls.

The video also shows that the game bounces back and forth between first and third-person viewpoints, so players get to see when Rambo executes certain moves or does what he does best, players get to see him in all his digital 3D glory.

The forest segment was probably one of the more decent parts, but at the same time it shows just how linear the game really is. Then again, I don't think most people going in are expecting a Mass Effect style experience or Grand Theft Auto quality gameplay.

I'm more-so interested in what happens when you fail a quick-time event? Like, does the entire segment just end or does it move to the next part with players at a slight disadvantage? I mean, if you didn't do the grab thing properly by pressing 'A' would the cop just low-blow Rambo and the game ends? Or do you get to keep fighting until the segment ends?

There's no doubt that the game looks pretty terrible, but in a fun weekend sort of way. I mean, you can booze it up with a couple of friends, pop in the game and down hundreds of enemies through rail-shooting segments and tons of non-stop, pre-scripted, Hollywood-style explosive action.

One thing worth noting, though, is that I really love the inclusion of the original music, it definitely helps bring to life the 80s action franchise like never before (for better or for worse).

You can learn more about Reef Entertainment's upcoming, cinematic rail-shooting action title by paying a kind visit to the official website. The game is set for release on the Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC.
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