Reef Entertainment has been extremely coy about the promotion of Rambo: The Video Game. So far we've only been teased with environmental shots from key locations that Rambo visited, blew up or shot through in his epic journey through four sequential films. The latest tidbit of tease from Reef is a gorgeous jungle shot of a helicopter making the rounds.

With Teyon at the development helm it's hard for me to get entirely excited about the game until we see a Rambo model and at least some idea of how the combat will play out.

By all accounts, though, if there was a game that needs to borrow from scripted Hollywood blockbuster set-pieces and over-the-top, nonstop action, it's this game. I rarely recommend for a game to copy another game, but in this case I think Rambo: The Video Game would make for a really good Gears of War clone with Call of Duty style movie-explosions and some QTEs. I know that sounds like all the things wrong with today's generation of gaming, but for Rambo it would actually make sense given that it is a Hollywood blockbuster movie franchise and having all of those tropes used in the game would just make sense.

Scheduled to release sometime in 2013, hopefully Reef and Teyon have enough of their acts together to really pull out a memorable experience with Rambo: The Video Game. It doesn't have to be witty, charming and entertaining like Uncharted, it doesn't have to be on the same scale as Battlefield or Call of Duty in terms of story scope and the expanse of action, but so long as it's a polished action game I think it can work.

You can check out the new screenshot for Rambo: The Video Game below or visit the Official Website to keep up to date on the progress of the title.

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