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Following a survey outing the existence of a Rayman Origins sequel, Ubisoft has registered domains which has all but confirmed a follow up to the platformer.

The French publisher recently registered the addresses for and (via Fusible).

Although the firm hasn't officially unveiled the game in any way, or have even spoken about the possibility of a successor to Rayman Origins, one of the company's regular marketing firms suggested what fans can expect from the sequel.

The original's four-player drop-in/drop-out component is said to be making an expected return. Additionally, the game's setting will have a more darker side; vampires, ghosts and dragons will all be featured. The marketing survey also revealed the first artwork for Rayman Legends.

During the first few months following Rayman Origins' release, the game struggled to have any considerable impact commercially. It had sold only 50,000 copies within the United States during its launch month. However, the game's universal praise and indeed the countless amount of price cuts it received eventually saw the title making a profit for Ubisoft.

"We believe Rayman: Origins, which is rated 89 percent on Metacritic with enthusiast reviews and is already profitable, has the capacity to become a long-term seller for the company," said the publisher's CFO, Alain Martinez, at the time.

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