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What a ridiculously long name, right? Well, a subsidiary of Graffiti Entertainment, Signature Devices, announced that Reader Rabbit Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade is coming to North America for the Nintendo DS, Wii and iPhone.

According to the press release...
The Reader Rabbit Series has been captivating children for over 20 years with the finest interactive learning products in both schools and homes having sold over 6 million copies since 1993 and winning 175 awards and accolades! Reader Rabbit Kindergarten has been designed to interest children and encourage learning of basic kindergarten skills such as mathematics, phonics, reading, and listening in multiple contexts.

It makes perfect sense why these games would end up on the DS and Wii, they do happen to be Nintendo’s casual crusaders. Nevertheless, the series of games will teach users about a wide variety of curriculum for comprehension, listening and cognitive exercises all done in an arcade style fashion.

Reader Rabbit Kindergarten, Reader Rabbit PreSchool, 1st Grade and Reader Rabbit PreSchool, 2nd Grade are due out for the Wii, DS and iPhone in the fist quarter of 2010. A perfect gift for the little kiddies returning to school, eh?

You can learn more about the games by visiting the Official Website.