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The PlayStation Vita is no stranger to fighting games, but the system has been decidedly lacking in its representation of the sweet science. That all changes this week, however, as Real Boxing finally makes its way to Sony's portable console. To celebrate: It's tournament time.

The Vita has only been out about a year and a half and, in that time, the console has hosted games from some of the fighting genre's biggest names including Mortal Kombat, BlazBlue, Street Fighter vs. Tekken and Dead or Alive. If you access the PlayStation Portable backlog, you'll also find games from the Soul Calibur and Guilty Gear series. What you won't see much of, however, is boxing games.

A little while back, Vivid Games revealed Real Boxing, a brand new port of its popular iOS boxing game headed to the PlayStation Vita. It's taken a bit longer than expected to get here but, as of Tuesday evening, players can finally step into the ring, slide on a pair of gloves and go to work on their opponent's ribcage.

Powered by the Unreal 3 Engine, Real Boxing is all about looking good while kicking butt. There's also a bunch of single and multiplayer content to punch through, including career, training and online battles. While touch-focused players will find their iOS-favorite controls present and accounted for, those who prefer physical buttons and analog sticks will find they've been taken care of, too.

“Highly customizable fighters, improved graphics and a real-time deformation engine showcase every duck, jab and uppercut in bone-jarring detail, all in a variety of stadium and gym locations,” reads a statement from Vivid. “Near technology is supported for social features and a new character upgrade system lets players upgrade their fighter's attributes with points earned after winning matches.”

Real Boxing is available through the PlayStation Network for $9.99 or $8.99 for Plus subscribers. To help entice would-be pugilists to step into the ring nice and early, Vivid will be hosting a two-week tournament in celebration of the game's launch, called the Real Boxing Vita World Championship.

Players will compete against their fellow boxers from around the world in hopes of becoming crowned the champion with the grand prize being a PlayStation Vita console, “allowing them to bring another friend into the fray.” Jumping into the tournament is as easy as heading into the game's multiplayer mode, as well as competing in ad-hoc and online single matches with friends and randos. The winner will be whoever climbs to the top of the leaderboard and, according to Vivid, more tournaments will be coming in the near future.

“With the World Championship tourney starting today, players can jump into the multiplayer action immediately,” said Vivid CEO Remi Koscielny. “We're looking forward to seeing the result in two weeks' time and congratulating the first global Real Boxing champion.”

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