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Given the sour reviews that followed the release of All Points Bulletin, it was just a matter of time before RTW announced that their doors would be closing…I just don’t think anyone thought it would come so soon. Anyway, Realtime Worlds hasn’t exactly died like numerous other development studious earlier this year, but they’ve come awfully close.

Next-Gen Biz let the word out that Realtime Worlds -- makers of titles such as Crackdown and All Points Bulletin -- has officially gone administration, which basically means they’re hanging on by a thread and have let go most of their work force and operating costs. In fact, the company has dwindled its staff down to a meager 45 employees. Youch.

Hopefully RTW can find a way to keep APB going, at least with some join partnership with a F2P Korean-based company so all those people who put time and money into the game don’t feel like they just got wallet raped.

On a related note, the UK’s trade association, TIGA, sent its condolences out to the members (and former staff) of Realtime Worlds, saying…
“Despite today’s terrible news, Dundee and Scotland remain good places to do games business. Scotland has some excellent universities and offers large numbers of extremely talented programmers, artists, producers, managers, designers, audio engineers and testers. TIGA, the trade association representing the UK games industry, will do everything in its power to champion and support the sector.”

Yeah great way to save face for the development community in that region right after a company just met its creative demise. Real classy.

We’ll keep you posted on any further developing news regarding Realtime Worlds.

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