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A new "Life in the West" trailer was released for Red Dead Redemption, following some of the exploits players can embark on and showcasing a few more of the activities that make up for the vast world in RDR.

It’s extremely impressive seeing how much was added to this spiritual successor of Red Dead Revolver. Rockstar is really going out on a limb to expand on the open-world genre with a game that encompasses some truly fascinating gameplay elements.

The latest trailer shows off how some of the open world isn’t just full of dead trees and dead-grassed plains. There are a lot of opportunities present in Red Dead Redemption at just about every turn and it’s interesting how it all affects the character in the game world one way or another.

The only thing that would be really cool (if it were added) is a narration of the activities covered in the journal as players proceed through the game. It would definitely give some of the open-world exploits a little bit more weight in the long-run of the storytelling process.

You can check out the new “Life in the West” trailer below, courtesy of GameTrailers, or visit the Official Website for more information.

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