Oftentimes the PC port of a popular console game is basically a shoddy console port with bad controls, poor UI support and a lot of technical glitches that takes away from the overall play experience. Well, Remedy Entertainment, creators and developers of games like Max Payne 1 and 2 as well as Alan Wake, revealed in a recent interview that the port of Alan Wake on PC is no cheap cash-in and that the reason it took so long to port was because they were aiming to make it a legitimate experience for PC gamers.

The interview comes courtesy of our friends across the pond, Electronic Theatre, where Remedy's Oskari Häkkinen commented saying...
"This isn’t just a cash-in, doing Alan Wake for PC."..."If you look at our heritage at Remedy from Death Rally to Max Payne to Max Payne 2 and on the announcement of Alan Wake, we’ve always wanted to do Alan Wake for PC.”

"We’re PC gamers at heart, so it’s something that we’ve been wanting to do and as soon as the very moment that we’ve had the blessing to do it… we’ve tried our best to have these stars become aligned and now that they are we’ve been working extremely hard to do it and to do it right as well.”

Well that's good news for PC games, with Alan Wake currently being available and all for purchase. A few things that Remedy took the time to add (or upgrade, rather) were the graphics, texture fidelity, visual effects and some of the play mechanics and UI. It's nice that they took such things into consideration, giving paying customers a reason to feel proud to own a specific port of the game.

Häkkinen went on to say that...
"Alan Wake was developed on PC so putting it out on the PC in theory could have been done in a matter of days. But we literally wanted to get it right and we wanted to work hard on some of the features..."

"We took the feedback from there and gave that to the PC gamers, supporting features like stereoscopic 3D, multi-screen, but in general when you’re working with the Xbox, you’re working with the specific hardware parameters and you have to work within those – and your working with file size for disc and so forth – and when you’re working within those parameters you have obstacles at the same time so you have to make compromises. So when we broke down those parameters we automatically began to see some really exciting stuff happening.

Well, it's nice to know that Alan Wake on PC wasn't a cheap cash-in. It says a lot about the integrity of Remedy Entertainment. It's too bad we can say the same about a lot of other big studios out there.

You can pick up a digital copy of Alan Wake right now on Steam for only $29.99 (for a limited time). You can check out the rest of the interview over at Electronic Theatre.

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