If you were excited for Watch Dogs, the open-world cyber-thriller from Ubisoft, you'll probably want to check out Remember Me as well, considering that it's also an open-world cyber-thriller. However, don't expect the complexity or depth of gameplay that Watch Dogs promised because both games couldn't be further apart when it comes to gameplay mechanics and depth. Capcom's new title received seven whole minutes of gameplay footage and you may or may not be impressed by it.

For the most part, the gameplay is extremely tenuous and linear despite being in a somewhat open-world environment. Based on the video it looks like a mix between Mirror's Edge, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Heavy Rain. In the video, it follows an entire mission where the objective of the protagonist is to kill another character. Don't think this is like Hitman where you'll have a bevy of options to lay waste to the target, though. Check it out in the trailer below.

My biggest gripe with the trailer is the absolute over-reliance on over-dramatization and pre-scripting. In total players had to press two buttons to kill a guy without having any control over how it happened. By the time the player gets to the actual task at hand they're not even playing anymore and the choice of doing the deed or not has zero consequence since you have no choice but to kill the guy. The really dumb part about it is how linear the whole thing is. I mean, you're basically watching a not-so-interactive movie and the entire kill sequence happens with hardly any player interaction at all.

I think what makes it so bad is that this sort of premise looks like it could have had a lot of cool elements about it in the way player-choice is handled and the consequences that follow. But then, that would make it an entirely different game about branching choices and effects, ala Heavy Rain.

Remember Me looks to be cashing in on the AAA production craze with a dash of the Assassin's Creed parkour-style scaling to give gamers the feigned impression of freedom. Then again, this is the first gameplay teaser and we won't know just how detailed the game world will actually be until a few more varied missions get their very own video trailers, too. In the meantime, you can keep up to date with the game over at the Official Facebook Page.

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