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Reverb Publishing, a company that usually focuses on promoting indie games and smaller budget titles, announced today that they have purchased a site-wide license for Epic's Unreal Engine 3, meaning that all developers under their label will have access to the high-end engine.

Doug Kennedy, president and CEO, Reverb Publishing commented in the press release about the Unreal Engine 3 licensing, saying..
“The Reverb publishing model has always been about allowing developers to make game creation their uninterrupted focus,” ...“By securing such liberal access to the Unreal Engine, we can now offer our development teams the world’s best game engine, coupled with a business model which provides them complete support for their titles, without losing ownership of their intellectual property and without the lopsided deals cut by many of the traditional publishers.”

"Lopsided deals" reminds me of smaller developers under larger labels like Activision or EA. It's all right Kennedy, you don't have to name names for us to know who you're talking about, we already know.

Anyways, all the developers under the Reverb Publishing house will be able to make use of the Unreal Engine 3 and all its assets. Joe Kreiner, North American licensing manager, Epic Games also shared a few comments about the deal and the site license, saying...
“This license with Reverb ensures more Unreal Engine development teams are supported with the type of launch programs independent studios need to have a successful digital title,” ... “It’s important for Epic to do more than simply license our tech; we are always looking for opportunities to help indie developers successfully bring their creations to market.”

This mirrors previous comments by Epic about wanting to further support the independent gaming scene, especially with the upcoming release of the Unreal Engine 4.

We'll keep you posted on titles coming out of the Reverb wing using the Unreal Engine 3 when more information becomes available. In the meantime you can learn more about games published by Reverb, such as Dungeon Defenders, Sanctum 2 and Jeremy McGrath's Offroad Racing to name a few, over at their Official Website.

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