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It's rare video game journalists, outside of raving mad rants and weekend editorials, lay down a gauntlet and actually tell gamers in a review "Hey, X game is better than Y game, buy it instead!" Well, that's exactly what one reviewer did, claiming that Nintendo's recently released The Last Story is far superior to Final Fantasy XIII-2. It definitely makes it easier to know which game to buy now, eh?

The review comes courtesy of Cubed3, where reviewer Adam Riley dissects not only every aspect of Hironobu Sakaguichi's latest RPG but he also gives a brief history of why Sakaguichi-san is so revered in the gaming community, including back when he was making Squaresoft a household name with timeless RPG classics.

I've tried following the development cycle of The Last Story but MistWalker Studios -- the developer behind the game as well as the 360 exclusives Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon -- kept a very tight lid on the project leading up to its release. However, this is one of the rare games that breaks many traditions and trends within the interactive entertainment space, and merges genres as well as evolves them in the way many gamers have been expecting this gen. The surprising aspect of it all is that this is a game exclusive to Nintendo's Wii.

The review is very thorough, but it also goes as far as to explicitly state at the end that...

With only Final Fantasy XIII-2 as its main competition here in Europe right now, gamers should definitely be looking to snap this up instead as it proves to be far superior in almost every category. Hironobu Sakaguchi can safely say his latest creation surpasses his first ever.

I'm not a frequent visitor of Cubed3 but it's interesting that so close to the release of Final Fantasy XIII-2 the site would openly put one game over the other so blatantly. For Wii owners, though, it's definitely a good sign that reviewers are already praising Sakaguichi's latest effort and The Last Story's mix of real-time action oriented combat, and sharp graphics could easily help keep the Wii relevant just a little bit longer.

Unfortunately, North American gamers won't be able to play The Last Story anytime soon, but we'll keep you posted when XSeed Games finally drops an official release date for the game. You can check out the glowering review for The Last Story over at Cubed3 among many other PAL-based websites.

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