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Rocket League is gearing up to unleash its second DLC pack next month, boasting new paint jobs, antenna balls, car toppers and more, including a pair of cars that long-time fans of the series should instantly recognize.

Some folks are likely unaware of the fact that the highly successful PlayStation 4 and PC driving/soccer game Rocket League is actually a sequel to the underground hit PS3 game, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. Rocket League took the formula from that original game and refined it to a point that the gaming community can't seem to put the thing down.

In an effort to stay true to the series' roots, the team at Psyonix will soon be launching a new DLC pack called Revenge of the Battle-Cars that, among other things, boasts a couple of fan-favorite rides from that original game.

Revenge of the Battle-Cars is set to arrive this October for $3.99. Similar to the previous DLC pack, it'll include a bunch of new customization options for your in-game cars, rather than separate the community by offering exclusive maps or some such nonsense. A couple variations on existing maps will launch at the same time, along with some new music and flags to attach to your cars, but those goodies will be coming at you free of charge.

As for what's included in this new DLC pack, here's the full rundown of what your four bucks will get ya:

-Two classic car bodies including Scarab and Zippy
-12 new decals for your cars
-Three new paint types, including Toon Glossy, Toon Matte and Toon Wood
-Two new wheel skins
-Two new boosts including Accelerato and Battle-Stars
-Four new toppers including Cavalier, Locomotive, Pixelated Shades and Shark Fin
-Two new antennas including Retro Balls and SARPBC
-Five new trophies to unlock

Again, when it comes to DLC for primarily multiplayer games like Rocket League, the kind of stuff that Psyonix is doing absolutely rocks. Making arenas for-pay splits up the community rather than keeping it united for as long as possible. All of the Rocket League DLC is cosmetic, meaning nobody has to feel like they're missing out if they can't afford to keep supporting the game. Then again, since a large number of people playing Rocket League on the PS4 likely got it as a Plus bonus, it probably couldn't hurt to throw a few dollars Psyonix's way as a sign of gratitude for the ridiculous number of hours people have been logging in this game.
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