Back in November 2011, the developers at Ratloop brought their bizarre indie shooter starring a pissed off chicken and a whole lot of enemy penguins with guns to the PlayStation 3. With a year to add some additional content and polish, the developer has now announced that RockeBirds: Hardboiled Chicken will be making its way to the PlayStation Vita in the first quarter of 2013.

Announced via the PlayStation Blog, Producer and Studio Head Sian Yue Tan said that the studio has taken its time to bring the most complete version of Hardboiled Chicken to Sony's new handheld. He also let slip in the comments section that Rocketbirds 2 has also been in development at the same time. So if you like what you see on the Vita, you better get ready for more jetpacks, more stealth and a heck of a lot more penguin killin'.

“We added things like new chapters, puzzles and humor; a unique new Hardboiled difficulty setting; improvements to the controls to utilize the PS Vita's unique features; and improved connectivity for the cooperative campaign,” Yue Tan said.

Along with a couple of brand new chapters to play through, the Vita version also includes the Hardboiled difficulty setting, which tasks players with completing the game with nothing more than a tiny pistol and a big freaking knife. Rambo it up!

Finally, another one-up on its console sibling, the Vita version of Hardboiled Chicken features online co-op. The original game featured the co-op campaign, but it only had support for two players sitting on the same couch. Along with two new playable characters, Sniper Guy and Agent-H, the Vita's co-op will have support for ad-hoc and online play.

Look for Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken to hit the PS Vita in Q1 2013.

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