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Routine Could Possibly Come To PS4

The sci-fi horror game that steeps its atmosphere in the slogan “In space, no one can hear you scream”, could be making its way to the PlayStation 4.

Developer Aaron Foster from Lunar Software has made an updated post on the Steam Community thread for their upcoming sci-fi horror-survival game, Routine. The post mostly covers why the developers have been silent on the project and how they've mostly been spending their time actually trying to finish up and get the game released. A commendable goal.

One of the top questions to Lunar Software was about console ports; putting Routine on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Foster kept it simple and said...

“A PS4 release is a small possibility after we release the PC version.”

Ouch, no love for the Xbone.

This is an unsurprising stance that is held by many developers who felt just as burned by the Xbox One's previous policies as gamers did. While some people might say “But wouldn't the developers have partaken in the used game fees?” No, not quite.

The used game fees were for the publishers and distributors, not the developers. The original policies also maintained that independent developers were not allowed to self-publish on the Xbox One, which would have prevented smaller studios from making use of the used game fees due to either having Microsoft publish their title for them (in which case Microsoft would get a cut from the used game fee, if they so chose) or a third-party publisher taking control of the property (in which case the publisher would have received a cut from the fees).

Thankfully, the used game fees didn't work out. In addition to this, Microsoft also reversed their policies on independent publishing.

Microsoft have even gone after highly popular indie titles such as DayZ, having talks with lead designer Dean “Rocket” Hall, in hopes of getting the zombie-survival sensation on the Xbox One.

Apparently Lunar Software has no interest in the politics of Microsoft's indie endeavors and they're steering clear for now.

Sony has been very open about getting games on the PlayStation 4 platform, especially mid-budget indies such as Routine. It would follow in the likes of games such as Warframe, Blacklight: Retribution, Octodad and Outlast (to name but a few). That's assuming Lunar decides to pursue a port to the PS4.

As for the game itself... Routine is like a throwback to classic sci-fi horror films from the 1980s. It shares a strong semblance with Ridley Scott's vision of Alien; and anyone who has seen footage of Alien: Isolation might see some of the similarities with Routine. However, I'm kind of more interested in Routine just because of the mysterious-factor and atmosphere.

Routine will support Oculus Rift and the game currently doesn't have a release date, but we'll keep you posted on when the game becomes available on Steam.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.