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Ubisoft may have nailed down a setting for the next chapter in the Assassin's Creed series. Rumor has it that Assassin's Creed 3 will take place during the American revolution.

CVG says that AC3's setting and protagonist will be revealed soon. Ubisoft's fiscal year will end on March 31st so a public announcement of the game should come before then.

We already knew that the American Revolution was at least on Ubisoft's short list. A survey from last year gauged players' interest in the following settings:
  • The violent conflicts of the Imperial Dynasties of Medieval China
  • The advent of the mighty British Empire during Victorian England
  • The culmination of the Pharaoh reign in Ancient Egypt
  • The invasion of the Americas by the Spanish Conquistadors
  • The confrontation between the British Colonists and native Americans during the American revolution of the 18th Century
  • The overthrow of the Tsar Empire by the Communists during the Russian Revolution
  • The Warlord Battles in Feudal Japan
  • The rise of Caesar’s Empire in Ancient Rome
The 'Da Vinci Disappearance' DLC for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood hinted at an American setting by providing players with coordinates for New York. The latest game in the series, Revelations, suggested a US-based setting during its ending. Furthermore, series lore apparently indicates that George Washington possesses an Apple of Eden, one of the powerful relics central to the storyline.

The American Revolution era definitely feels like a good fit for the series. It's not too far ahead in time compared to other games that it would require a complete rethinking of the series. Firearms are still relatively new technology at that time so melee weapons would still be relevant. Also, the setting is rife with conflict (you know, with all the revolutions and whatnot) so it's a natural place for an Assassin to operate.

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