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Aspiring Pokemon Trainers may soon have another game to snatch up. A company recently registered the domain name, perhaps the precursor to an official game announcement.

"So what if some random ass company grabbed a domain name?" you might ask. However, NintendoBuzz notes that registration was done by Melbourne IT DBS. They're apparently the same company that registered, the official website for Pokemon Black and Pokemon White.

Pokemon Gray would presumably be an enhanced version of White and Black. That would follow a pretty standard routine for Pokemon games: two similar titles with distinct sets of trainable Pokemon are released simultaneously and then a remake incorporating both games' content launches a year or so later. For example, Pokemon Blue and Red were followed by Yellow.

White and Black debuted in Japan in September 2010 so it's not too early for Nintendo to start talking about a remake. The two games have sold extremely well - 11.5 million as of April 2011 - so Gray could be a lucrative release.

Pokemon Rumble Blast, an action RPG specifically designed for the 3DS, is due to arrive in North America next week. That's the only announced Pokemon game on the horizon. It's about time for Nintendo to announce a new one, don't you think?

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