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We've probably reported on God of War IV quite often here at Gaming Blend without any official announcement from Sony. The funny part about it is that there is already proof the game is in development. Well, new info has come to light indicating that an official announcement for GoW IV and Syphon Filter 4 will be coming in February.

According to Silly Gamer, UK centric magazine PLAY has heard from their "spies" that Sony has plans to dominate 2012 with some serious first-party releases in addition to The Last of Us and Twisted Metal, including God of War IV and Syphon Filter 4.

What's more is that PLAY is convinced the Sony Computer Entertainment London Studio, made famous for their unrivaled 2002 crime drama, The Getaway, are the ones working on Siphon Filter 4. Heck, it would have been more impressive if a Getaway HD was in the works or maybe a Getaway 3 was on the way, but I guess we can always dream.

Anyways, God of War IV seems even more relevant than Syphon Filter 4 given that Santa Monica Studios has been hiring for a new game specifically for online cooperative functionality and a composer even had God of War IV credited to his resume. So I mean, really, what does that tell you?

The only new information is that both of these first-party exclusives are rumored to launch before 2012 is out. Given that the holidays will be jam-packed with heavy hitters such as Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 I'm guessing we can expect a summer release for Syphon Filter 4 and maybe a late summer release for God of War IV? But who knows. We'll keep you posted if Sony actually makes the announcement for both of these titles when February rolls around.