Hope you still have your copy of SSX and still playing the crap out of it because EA has announced that additional DLC is on the way and they released a brand new trailer for the upcoming content.

It's a brief look at a new run called Mt. Eddie and the first-look teaser takes viewers down a streamlined run that ends with a bit of a bang. You can check out all the nifty tricks, stunts and bumps along the way.

The game kind of came onto the scene and then faded away, that's probably a good thing because it means people are playing and enjoying it and there's no raging or protests or scandals surrounding the game. You can chalk up a decent release from EA on this one.

With the post-launch DLC arriving May 1st, gamers who want to extend their play sessions with a little downhill jamming can do so without worrying about the game getting dull anytime soon.

You can pick up a copy of the game right now for the XBox 360 or PS3 from your local retailer. To learn more about SSX feel free to visit the Official Website.

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