"The Troubles With Clones," the last announced DLC for Saints Row: The Third, will be debuting this week. "Clones" uses a little sci-fi magic to bring back Third Street Saint Johnny Gat.

"Science just got weird, thanks to Third Street Saints super fan and cloning enthusiast Jimmy Torbitson," says Volition of the DLC pack. "Refusing to believe that his hero Johnny Gat died fighting the Syndicate, Torbitson meticulously acquired Gat’s DNA in order to clone the Saints chief lieutenant and bring him back to life. But this is Saints Row, and as always, something goes horribly, horribly wrong. It doesn’t help that Torbitson got a C in high school chemistry..."

Long story short, Johnny Gat's clone is now rampaging through Steelport. The DLC isn't all bad news, though. It also introduces a new Saints Flow energy drink that gives you super powers. These powers will enable you to take down Gat or simply cause some havoc of your own.

"Troubles with Clones" will debut today on Xbox Live, PSN, Steam and OnLive. Volition warns that some regions might have to wait a week or so, though. The DLC is priced at $6.99, but it's free if you bought a Season Pass for the game.

While the developer hasn't announced any DLC past "Clones," that doesn't necessarily mean they're finished with the game. Saints Row was one of publisher THQ's biggest successes last year so you figure they're encouraging Volition to continue making fresh content.

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