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What the hell is up with Sega sequels on the Wii? Do developers think we just want the same game again, but can’t quite get those titles to fit on Virtual Console and thus do some minor updates? NiGHTS 2 was basically a revamped redo of the original game, and despite looking a little better than early screens showcased it still reminded me of a Saturn game. This is cool, because the original was a decent title. Now we have the first footage of Samb de Amigo for Wii, and I am not surprised to find it looking just like a Dreamcast game.

The question is whether that’s a bad thing. I don’t play my Wii for the superior graphics, or amazing theater quality surround sound. I play the thing because the games can be fun, which is all I’m hoping for from Samba de Amigo. Right now the Dutch site SegaOnline are not giving the controls glowing reviews. For a title that is heavily focused on motion control to be this far off the mark is troubling. I have faith that Gearbox can, and will, take care of that problem before we finally see the game.

It just has to be said though: Developers need to figure out this motion control business. We’ve gone beyond the point of considering it a novelty with the success of the Wii. Even the PS3 has support for the technology, and devs on that side are struggling to overcome the difficulties. Video games exist as a medium based on the gameplay mechanics, and if that fails then so does the game. A beautiful epic tale that you can barely play means nothing. And as much as I love story, Nintendo knows the way to ensure quality is to make games that play flawlessly.

I hope Samba de Amigo gets the refinement and polish it deserves, because the video footage looks like it could be a lot of fun.

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