The Sanctum 2 universe is set to expand once again with the release of a brand new batch of DLC content called The Pursuit, offering new weapons, new towers, new enemies and additional maps and perks.

Released earlier this year for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC via Steam, Sanctum 2 offers a unique blend of first-person shooting mixed with tower defense, wherein players take on the role of soldiers fighting to defend oxygen generators from various types of alien critters. Once you’ve established your defensive towers, it’s officially time to run around in first-person, helping the machinery take care of business with a wide array of your own weaponry.

The game proper is $14.99 on its various platforms and the Pursuit DLC will set you back another $4.99. Or, you could always save a few bucks and purchase the Sanctum 2 season pass for $11.99, giving you access to all previous and upcoming updates. It’s currently listed for an Oct. 25 release on PC, and is expected to follow on consoles at some point in the future.

In The Pursuit, players will need to chase after a major new enemy that was revealed in the second story-driven bit of DLC, Ruins of Brightholme. Along the way, you’ll discover all sorts of new locations, weapons, gears, enemies, etc.

“We had a lot of fun developing this segment of the Sanctum 2 storyline,” said Coffee Stain Studios CEO Anton Westberg. “With The Pursuit, we wanted to make it even more action-oriented as players chase down an arch enemy. I think the thrilling hunt, combined with the cool new options, make this one of the more entertaining DLC updates.”

So what, exactly, does The Pursuit offer fans of the game? Well, for starters (and perhaps most important for trigger-happy fans of making things go boom) is the inclusion of a pair of new weapons, the Grenade Launcher and the Drone Launcher. From single explosives to cluster bombs, the Grenade Launcher lobs a ball of death that does the work after it hits a target or bounces around a few times. The Drone Launcher sends out an aerial ally equipped with a wonderful set of lasers, as well as a “suicide” option that causes the thing to dive at an enemy and explode on impact.

For those of you who prefer a more passive approach, two more towers are also being added to your arsenal, including a Friendship Laser and a Mind Control Spire. The Friendship Laser does some decent damage on its own, but set up a network of these bad boys and you’ll really see the sparks fly. The Mind Control Spire, on the other hand, turns enemies into allies for a few seconds.

Finally, new enemies are included in this update, including the Heavy Pup and flying Bliskeblaske, as well as seven new perks to equip and four new maps to explore.

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