Gaming sites try to keep readers informed and excited about their hobby. However, GamerFitNation is actually trying to encourage gamers to put down their controllers - at least temporarily. CEO Antwand Pearman is asking for a one-day ceasefire in online shooters this week in order to show support for the families who lost loved ones at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday.

"We are simply making a statement that we as Gamers are not going to sit back and ignore the lives that were lost. Instead we will embrace the families with our love and support," Pearman said on the website's Facebook page. The ceasefire is scheduled for December 21st.

I can imagine why some gamers would recoil from the idea. Would a ceasefire make us look like we have a guilty conscience? Would it make people think that violent video games are the cause of mass shootings? Or, to be more blunt: would a ceasefire do anything?

Look, anyone with a shred of common sense and an appreciation for the complexity of human beings realizes that mass murder can't be traced back to Counter-Strike, that the sort of inner madness that drives someone to that kind of unspeakable act wasn't born in Call of Duty. The only people who think that a kind, gentle person can be transformed into a hardened killer just from a video game have a poor understanding of both psychology and gaming. It's not up to gamers to remove the cobwebs in these people's brains. If they want to think that a ceasefire for online shooters is an admission of guilt, well, fuck 'em. We've gone this long without caring what the Jack Thompson's of the world think - why start now?

Would a ceasefire do "anything"? Well, it depends what you mean by "anything." It won't make the Sandy Hook shooting any less of a tragedy. It's not going to prevent any further tragedies like this. What's more, I doubt most families and friends of the victims will ever hear about this event. By those standards, a ceasefire won't do anything.

In the end, it's just a gesture. A futile gesture that maybe no one will notice but you. But it's a way to show you give a crap. It's something to do in a situation where there really isn't anything you can do. That's enough of a reason for me to participate in the ceasefire. Maybe it'll be enough for you too.

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