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Sea Of Solitude Pulls Elements From Silent Hill

Since the announcement of the cancellation of Silent Hills, many fans have been looking for a way to feed the hunger for another Silent Hill game. Most have turned to mods and fan-made games while others still search for something more in-depth. Sea of Solitude has been described as a mixture of styles borrowed from the art of Ghibli and the horrifying elements of Silent Hill.

The story in Sea of Solitude follows Kay, who has been turned into what is called a “black monster”, someone who has been completely consumed by their loneliness. She is beginning her journey to find out exactly what happened to her and how, or if, she can change back to who she once was.

The enemies in the game, which are described as massive, were once human or alive like Kay and in order to completely find out what happened to her, she will have to learn about these creatures who also suffer the same fate. Each enemy will be tied to different types of weather in the game so you know if you are leaving your sunny safe haven, you’ll probably run into something unpleasant.

Recently, a video was released where YouTube host, Anthony Carboni, sat down with developer Jo Mei Games’ co-founder and creative director Cornelia Geppert, to talk about Sea of Solitude. And the video also debuts new footage of gameplay. Check out the video below.

So from watching the gameplay in the video, it’s obvious why people are relating it to a Silent Hill ambiance. The setting is a seemingly abandoned, flooded town—except for the creatures of course. And in order to advance in the narrative, you have to explore and fight the creatures, or at least interact with them. It’s kind of like when you’re walking around Silent Hill and you hear your radio start to crackle and you know something is waiting for you up ahead. I can imagine that’s how it feels when you are faced with a threatening weather pattern in your path in Sea of Solitude. You know something is in there waiting.

But then throw in the Ghibli-like art. If you aren’t familiar with the Ghibli reference, you might remember a children’s film called My Neighbor, Totoro that told the story of a couple little girls who stumble upon a magical creature in their backyard. This art style makes the game feel less like a survival horror game and more like something along the lines of The Legend Of Zelda: The Windwaker that was released on the Wii U; playful designs mixed with a cartoony atmosphere.

Despite the teaser, the exploration-based puzzle platformer, Sea of Solitude, still does not have a release date. But it’s a game to keep on your radar.