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With Star Wars: Battlefront's launch just around the corner, EA has seen fit to release another live-action ad for the multiplayer shooter. This time around, they enlisted Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick to hype the game.
The ad begins with various young people disappearing from work, school and their home. Their empty clothes just flop to the ground. If not for the familiar John Williams score, you might think this is a trailer for some show about the Rapture.

Anna Kendrick shows up about a minute into the trailer. While making a sandwich in her kitchen, she delivers Obi-Wan's famous lines from Episode 4: "If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possible imagine." Then, like the others, she disappears and leaves behind only a pile of clothing.

Here we find out where she and all the others went. They've been transported to the battlefields of Star Wars: Battlefront. Battlefront Anna Kendrick runs off to shoot stormtroopers on the lava-filled surface on Sullust. A gameplay montage than begins with footage of the various planets in the game along with its heroes and villains.

It's a really engaging ad, and not just because it implies Anna Kendrick nudity. The vanishing people is an arresting image that drives home the central point: you're not just playing a game on the couch, you're being drawn into Star Wars completely. In my view, it's more powerful than the previous ad, in which X-Wings showing up to whisk away a bored office worker:

I wouldn't really associate Kendrick with video games but I guess that's kind of the point. Battlefront isn't aiming for just the dedicate hardcore shooter fans. The marketing is targeting the millions and millions of people who enjoy Star Wars. Kendrick seems like a great choice of celebrity for showcasing the game to such a broad audience.

The Battlefront ads mention PlayStation because Sony and EA partnered up to produce special hardware for the game. The companies will offer two bundles of the PlayStation 4 and Battlefront. One comes with the standard black PS4 while the other includes a Darth Vader-themed console.

These PS4 bundles will launch alongside the game itself on November 17th. Battlefront will also be available on PC and Xbox One on the same day.