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My goodness, every time I think that No Man's Sky has reached its limit of awesome there's always some new bit of information that comes along that makes me feel as if we're all rediscovering this game for the very first time. That's exactly how it feels with the latest dev doc.

The latest video for the title comes courtesy of the Sony PlayStation channel on YouTube. We get a seven minute story of the ups and downs, the starts and the goals for Hello Games' upcoming title, with studio head Sean Murray explaining in some small detail the nuances of No Man's Sky.

We find out that the game was spawned from the creative, imaginative minds of the studio members' fascination with old-school science fiction. We learn that No Man's Sky isn't just some endless, pointless game where the adventure and discover have no merit, but instead Murray reveals that there is something special at the center of the universe... something grand and unique. What is it? No one knows.

What we do know is that every player will start at the very edge of a shared galaxy. From there, players will take their little space ship and venture throughout the universe, gathering up resources and materials as well as upgrading their equipment. While it was previously mentioned that the game wouldn't have any focused quests, the goal of at least getting to the center of the universe is a quest enough. Players will need to upgrade their suit so that they can better deal with the hazards of the planets, as well as scavenge to build and equip bigger and better weapons, as well as outfit their ship with the necessary shields and more powerful lasers to combat the galaxy's greatest threats.

Even though the game has a Minecraft-esque flair about it, the reality is that it's a lot more focus-fired than it lets on. Murray mentions that there's still a requirement of teaming with other players if you hope to overtake whatever lies at the center of the galaxy. I'm hoping it's a giant planet eating monster. How awesome would that be? Flying your ships into the belly of the beast! Fighting on a planet while it's being devoured?! Yeah, count me in. That's some Unicron level awesomeness right there (assuming that it actually exists in the game).

It's also kind of funny that when Sean explains how the studio office was flooded, that really put the team in a sour place and even managed to become a big part of the talks within the gaming community about whether or not No Man's Sky was finished, and yet it worked as a catalyst to hype the game even more when it re-debuted during Sony's E3 2014 conference.

The only thing we need to do now is wait for the game to finish its development cycle and then consume the awesomeness on the respective gaming consoles. You can learn more about No Man's Sky by paying a visit to the official website.
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