Shadowrun Returns Is Not Coming To Wii U, Xbox 360 Or PS3

Shadowrun Returns has been a real KickStarter success. Harebrained Schemes' PC RPG has already garnered quite a bit from the crowd-source community, but no matter how much it makes, the series creator has said that there will not be a home console port to this highly anticipated RPG.

Speaking with Modojo about the success of the KickStarter campaign thus far, Jordan Weisman talks openly about being thankful for the community supporting the game as well as the game just not appearing on consoles for very specific reasons, with Weisman responding to Modojo's query about a Wii U port, saying...

"...we are not taking Shadowrun Returns to consoles because the type of RPG we want to make just won't play well there. The additional money has allowed us to add a second city to the game and lot of additional depth and content; things like more characters, more props, more locations within the two cities and more is important to remember that in the context of the industry, Shadowrun Returns is still a game with a budget, which is less than most competitive XBLA games, Steam games or even some higher-end mobile games. That said, it is clear that the Shadowrun fans have been waiting for a game like this, and we are very excited to make it."

And by waiting a long time for a game like this, he means trying to wash from memory that awful cash-in job Microsoft let loose back in 2007, which was a huge slap in the face to gamers and Shadowrun enthusiasts across the board. I remember the Sega Genesis game being a real treat because it was dark, gritty and what cyber-punk fans craved out of a gang-ridden, cybermacy-based action RPG. That cross-platform mess for the Xbox 360 and PC was a far cry from the original.

Having the team focus on making a good game for specific platforms above all else and working on making sure the core mechanics are in place is the first step to ensuring quality over quantity. In some regards it reminds me of all those really awesome RPGs and PC titles we used to get during the Golden Era of gaming.

Anyways, cyber-thriller fans can look for Shadowrun Returns on PC, Linux and Mac. To learn more about the upcoming Shadowrun Returns be sure to pay a visit to the Official KickStarter Page.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.