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Klei Entertainment released a new video walkthrough for the upcoming action-platformer, Shank 2. The game will sport a brand new survival cooperative mode and the video walkthrough for survival gives gamers a few hints and tips for proper survival.

The game sports a brand new cooperative partner this time around, being a female sidekick to help Shank kick butt and take names while appeasing the female gamer audience. You can check out the walkthrough for the survival mode below.

The game looks pretty fun and the additional radial menu options and upgrades is bound to add some extra playability and replayability to the game that may have been missing from the first title.

You can look for Shank 2 and all its gory, side-scrolling, action-platformer B-movie-style goodness to land on the digital e-tailer shelves starting February 8th for the Xbox 360 and PS3. For more info on the pulp action game be sure to pay a visit to the Official Website.

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