Klei Entertainment says they're looking into patching their newly released game Shank. They're currently investigating two big issues players have been complaining about.

"The first is that it appears that older Xbox 360’s have slower disc access rates, so the opening cinematic chugs, and loading between levels takes longer — when we tested this on development kits, this never came up so that took us completely by surprise, and we’re looking into it," said a note from the dev team. "Note that the actual game experience is not affected in any way."

"The second is that, if you unlock the Trial on the 360, there’s a chance that the first two achievements are not unlocked. We’ve already got a fix for this, so when it comes in, you’ll automatically get your achievements."

Shank is a 2D beat 'em up with both single-player and co-op play. The storyline was penned by God of War scribe Marianne Krawczyk. It was released through Xbox Live Arcade and PSN this week.

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