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We’ve heard about how realistic Need for Speed: Shift 2 is when it comes to simulated racing but how well does it stack up when real life drivers challenge each other in head-to-head drifting using the in-game customization and Autolog features? Well, there’s no sense wasting words on it just watch the trailer and see it for yourself.

Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed certainly seems to be shaping up to be a unique title and whether or not it actually delivers on being the most realistic racing simulator ever made will stand to be seen when the game releases later in the month. Still the visuals look great and the drifting shown in the following trailer looks pretty good.

You can check out the drift challenge with the Autolog below or head on over to the to learn more about the game. Shift 2: Unleashed is scheduled to release on March 29th.