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Shiness is the definitive JRPG gamers have been waiting for. Too long have we sat around looking at one game after another bumble and stumble onto the market while offering very little in the way of innovation and even less in the way of feeling like an authentic, heart-felt work of passion from the developers.

One of the few titles that come to mind is Studio Ghibli's Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, which easily and quickly resonated strongly with the core gaming audience as a worthwhile title to own on the PlayStation 3.

Before and after Ni No Kuni, there have been even fewer noteworthy RPGs released on consoles. Sadly, the JRPG has become a rare commodity in the world of video game design and development.

Thankfully, we have titles like Shiness on the way to help reignite the style of play and adventure that helped shape past generations.

The strange part about it is that this style of game isn't being designed by a Japanese studio. While it carries the whole coming-of-age themes with it, features uniquely designed characters that would fit right in with a typical Japanese anime, and seems to relish in the traditional atmospheric world designs we've grown accustomed to from former prestigious studios like Square Enix, Shiness is actually being developed by a French development studio called Ynnis Interactive.

Crazy, I know.

Even still, the game looks gorgeous running on the Unreal Development Kit, and the world, characters and designs really stand out to be a low-budget indie title. How low-budget? Well, the team will need $100,000 to make the game a reality and they'll need $140,000 to bring it to the PlayStation 4.

They still have 26 days to go and they're already at the $57,000 mark; probably in good part to the game being featured on Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

I really hope this game becomes a reality because I can't remember the last time I've played a large-scale, colorful, 3D adventure RPG that actually dared to do something new. I especially love the combat system, which seems to fuse real-time melee attacks with quick-time prompts, almost similar to Contrail's Legend of Legaia, but far more advanced.

If you like what you've seen in the video above and this game speaks to your wallet like Kinect speaks to the NSA, feel free to pledge some funds to Shiness by paying a kind visit to the official Kickstarter page.
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