Silent Hill: Book of Memories missed its launch date earlier this year and its status has been unknown since then. Today Konami cleared up the confusion by saying that they're now targeting an October launch for the Vita game.

Konami didn't provide a specific release date to Game Informer. However, they did explain why the game wasn't released in March. It seems that "timing and development" were to blame. In other words, they're probably polishing the game up to a shine.

Memories will mark the series' debut on the Vita. It's more action than survival horror. A team of four players will battle enemies using a combination of magic and weaponry. Other changes include an isometric camera and a new storyline. The story, in case you're wondering, isn't considered canon.

The game's deviations from series tradition might cause long-time Hill players to reject it. Silent Hill has always been a big series for PlayStation, though, so Memories will at least get a glance from survival horror fans. It may snare some action fans looking for a bit of co-op, too.

Not sure why they decided on an October release. October is during the holiday season and it's in close proximity to Halloween so it's not a terrible choice of a release window. However, Resident Evil 6 will be arriving in the same month so this might not turn out well for Memories. RE6 will probably distract a lot of the gamers that Konami is hoping to attract with their Vita game.

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