Electronic Arts has yet to release Maxis' SimCity reboot but they're already looking to branch out for the umpteenth time in the heavily-milked IP. The publisher has filed a trademark for SimOcean.

The trademark for SimOcean was filed last week, as spotted by Siliconera. Other than that, nothing else is known on the game other than the fact that EA filed the trademark within Europe.

While the trademark points towards the inveitable suggestion that the title could be in development, that may not be the case at all. The publisher could simply be taking a precautionary method to prevent anyone else from utilizing the name. Still, the idea of an in-game ecosystem certainly sounds intriguing.

Developer Maxis has produced a slew of simulation games based on EA's The Sims IP. These include SimEarth, SimHealth, SimLife, SimCopter and SimAnt. They're currently developing a reboot to 2003's SimCity which will release exactly 10 years after its predecessor next year.

EA's The Sims franchise has been a pinnacle of the firm's commercially successful properties. As of 2008, the franchise as a whole surpassed the 100 million units sold milestone, a feat which has only been achieved by a few heavyweights - Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series being one, as well as EA's own Need for Speed IP.

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