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In the world of The Sims 3, aging up means more game-play options and The Sims 3: Generations expansion pack, which was released today, appears to add some fun new options for each Sims age bracket. To celebrate the release date and the success of The Hangover 2, EA released an amusing spoof on the film that also happens to showcase some of the new features for the Generations expansion pack.

Already saw the recently released big screen comedy The Hangover 2? Now be prepared to see The Hangover 3: Sleepover (if such a film were to exist in the Sim-verse.) The video below features many of the new shenanigans your Sims can get up to in Generations, including fun on a waterslide, pranks, potions and fortunately, a nanny (also a new daycare career track) to keep after the young ones while the grown-ups play.

Just a reminder that Generations is an expansion pack, which means you do need to have the Sims 3 base game installed on your PC/Mac in order to add on Generations

More information on The Sims 3: Generations here.