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Sometimes fans like to take their love of a game to the next level, adding their own artistic flair to a creative project in honor of their beloved title, usually in the form of a painting, homemade action figure, or even a recreation of something from the game in Legos. Luckily for Sine Mora fans, Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture have already taken care of the leg work on that last option, offering full instructions for creating your favorite in-game crafts using all of those Lego blocks you have lying around the house.

We announced yesterday that, after releasing on the Xbox 360 earlier this year and the PC earlier this month, Sine Mora will be bringing its sidescrolling bullet hell antics to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita next Tuesday. If you're looking for something to do in the meantime, might we suggest making some badass Lego sculptures inspired by the game's various ships?

The tricky part is that these instructions for creating your Lego crafts are exactly that: Instructions. You're going to have to track down all of the various pieces on your onesies if you plan on actually building the things. But knowing how dedicated some fans can be, I don't doubt that at least a few of you out there will make this brick-building dream a reality. Be sure to send us pics if you actually go that far.

With the provided instruction, crafty gamers can build a 3D representation of Sine Mora's Merenstein VI and BS4-VR Soprano. If you're hungry for more details on the game, be sure to visit Sine Mora official website. To download the Lego instructions and get to building your own ships, simply download the instructions.