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Electronic Arts revealed what's been rumored for awhile now: another Skate game is in development. Skate 3 will ship in May 2010 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Skate 3 brings players to a new town called Port Carverton. To encourage user-generated content, EA's including a skate.Create toolset that allows you to create your own graphics, videos, and skate parks. The biggest feature of Skate 3, however, is the new co-op functionality. You'll be able to tackle team challenges with friends and face off against rival crews in competitions.

If you're a Skate nut and already willing to pre-order, EA's offering a special bonus. Pre-order customers will receive the exclusive Black Box Distribution Skate Park. There's no mention of this offer being restricted to one retailer or another.

In addition to announcing the game, EA also released the first teaser video. Check 'er out below.