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Skullgirls 2nd Encore is finally ready to bring its fast-paced brand of fisticuffs to the PlayStation 4, launching on Sony’s home console this week with everything the original game included, as well as a whole bunch of new characters and features.

Announced through the PlayStation Blog, Skullgirls 2nd Encore arrives on the PlayStation Network for PS4 tomorrow afternoon, July 7. A Vita version is also planned to launch later this summer, with both versions of the game earning the coveted cross-buy status. In other words, you can purchase 2nd Encore for your PS4 and, when the Vita version is available, download it on your portable device at no extra charge.

In case you’re wondering why the name Skullgirls sounds familiar, that’s because it’s a scrappy indie fighter that’s been winning over fans for a few years now, with Lab Zero Games putting together one of the best post-launch support campaigns to date.

When Skullgirls originally launched on the PlayStation 3, the budget fighter boasting an all-female cast earned notoriety for its slick fighting systems, fantastic soundtrack and gorgeous graphics. Following a licensing snafu, the team at Lab Zero Games eventually regained full ownership of their title and went on to launch an Indiegogo campaign to fund additional DLC characters.

The crowdfunding efforts turned into a huge success, blowing past the original goal to fund a single new character and instead adding half a dozen new combatants to the roster.

While making those characters available on the PlayStation 3, Lab Zero has kept busy building an enhanced version of Skullgirls for the PS4 and Vita called Second Encore. It’ll cost $24.99, with a 20 percent discount for PlayStation Plus members who pre-order the game. That means you have between now and midnight to reserve your copy at a discounted rate. It’ll also include an exclusive theme, in case you’re into those sorts of additional goodies.

Along with everything included in the base game, 2nd Encore will also boast the full roster of characters, fully-voiced story modes, new challenges and trials, a new survival mode, a full Trophy list and more. Perhaps the best part is the fact that all versions of Skullgirls will also feature cross-play, meaning the PS3 crowd can battle online with folks playing on the PS4 or Vita.

Other new features for 2nd Encore, which will also be patched into the PS3 version of the game, include an art gallery, CPU quickmatches, alternate voice packs, alternate announcer packs, new taunts and even more tutorials.

If you like fast-paced fighters akin to BlazBlue, plenty of style and a cast of characters that’s utterly insane, Skullgirls 2nd Encore should be worth a gander.

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