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This morning Bethesda unveiled the debut trailer for Dragonborn, the third add-on for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. "Dragonborn," like the first expansion Dawnguard, adds a new adventure for players to embark on.

In the DLC, players will travel to Morrowind. Morrowind, the Dark Elves' homeland, was last featured in Elder Scrolls III. This land looks dramatically different than Skyrim; instead of trees and snowbanks, you'll encounter badlands and giant mushrooms.

It's been many years since Elder Scrolls III so that game's visuals look rather dated. It'll be exciting to see Morrowind remade with Skyrim's enhanced technology. The fan-made Skywind mod has given us a glimpse at the possibilities.

Players will encounter the first Dragonborn during this adventure. They'll also face off against a number of new enemies. Naturally, the DLC includes new loot as well, such as the draconic armor in this weekend's teaser image.

Bethesda says that Dragonborn will be available through Xbox Live on December 4th for 1600 MS Points ($20). It's no surprise that they didn't mention the PS3 release, considering Bethesda still hasn't released the earlier DLC on that console. Still, why wasn't the content dated on the PC? Bethesda and Microsoft had an agreement in place for Skyrim DLC to arrive on the Xbox 360 a month before other platforms, but that was only supposed to apply to the first two add-ons. Perhaps "Hearthfire," being a smaller DLC pack, didn't count?