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Skyrim Dragonborn Launches On PS3 Today

Later today Skyrim players on the PS3 will finally get some downloadable content. The Dragonborn expansion will go live with the PlayStation Store update this afternoon.

In Dragonborn, a mysterious cult is trying to kill the player. In order to find out why, the player must travel to the island of Solstheim. There they'll face down the cult and their leader, the "first Dragonborn."

Solstheim, located to the east of Skyrim, has a Dunmer colony and a Nord village. Both settlements are in dire need of the player's help. The main storyline is supplemented by hours of optional side quests. There are also some random caves and dungeons to explore.

By the end of Dragonborn, our hero will be much stronger. New daedric quests will give them new abilities or enhancing their existing ones. There's also a wide range of equipment to find, including Stahlrim weapons and Chitin armor. A dragon shout earned through the main questline even gives the player the ability to ride dragons.

Bethesda plans to release two other Skyrim DLC packs on PS3 this month. Hearthfire, which lets players build their own custom estate, will debut next week. Dawnguard, meanwhile, will let players rub elbows with a sect of vampire lords in two weeks.

Note that only North American PS3 gamers will be getting Dragonborn today. Europeans will have to wait an additional day.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.