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If you're still adventuring through the Frozen North, Bethesda has some good news for you. Today they released Patch 1.7 for the PC version of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim through Steam.

Patch 1.7, which entered beta on Steam last week, fixes a number of crash issues. You can now look at water or fight dragons without fear of the game imploding. Bethesda also stabilized and optimized some other things that they didn't mention.

The patch is being sent to Microsoft and Sony sometime this week. No word on when console gamers will receive the update. Best case scenario, it's probably just a few days away.

The console patches are slightly different than their PC counterpart. The 360 version of 1.7 will improve the performance of Kinect voice commands, particularly for the French, German, Italian and Spanish editions of the game. PS3 gamers are essentially getting two patches in one; this update will contain the content of patch 1.6 as well. In addition to providing several new fixes, patch 1.6 introduced mounted combat to Skyrim.

Bethesda also provided an update on Dawnguard, the first expansion pack for Skyrim. The DLC, which centers around vampires and a group of hunters, arrived on Xbox 360 at the end of June. It was a timed exclusive on the 360 for a minimum of 30 days due to an exclusivity agreement between Bethesda and Microsoft. Those 30 days are now over so the PS3/PC release might be soon. Bethesda's Pete Hines tweeted today that the release details for those platforms could be available sometime this week.

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