If you're a newcomer to Bethesda's RPG series Elder Scrolls, you can now buy the main five games at once. The Elder Scrolls Anthology has been released to stores throughout North America and Europe for PC.

The first game in the compilation is Arena. In Arena, the player is a prisoner who rises to become Tamriel's hero. They must travel across Tamriel to collect pieces of the Staff of Chaos, a powerful weapon. After the Staff has been rebuilt, the player will confront the battlemage Jagar Tharn and prevent him from taking over the Empire.

Daggerfall presents another randomly-generated world for players to explore. They must track down an ancient golem known as Numidium and prevent this powerful weapon from being used for evil. The game can end in six different ways depending on the player's choices. Daggerfall and Arena haven't been updated so they run through a DOS emulator.

The 2002 sequel Morrowind doesn't feature randomized locations. Instead, the entire world was specially crafted by the developers. While this stunted replayability a bit, it resulted in a visually stunning and much more cohesive world. Morrowind took players to the isle of Vvardenfell to stop an evil deity and its followers.

Bethesda also threw in the post-release content for Morrowind.In the first expansion, Tribunal, players head to the city of Mournhold to hunt down an assassin's guild. The follow-up expansion, Bloodmoon, added the werewolf-infested island of Solstheim to the game world. The Elder Scrolls Construction Set included with the anthology allows players to create their own content for the game.

The next entry in the bundle is Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. A Daedric prince has begun a full-scale invasion of Tamriel and the player is the only one who can stop them. They will journey through the province of Cyrodiil in search of a way to close the portals to Oblivion permanently. Oblivion's expansion packs Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles will pit the player against a sorcerer-king and a deity, respectively.

The last game in the ES Anthology is Skyrim. This game is set within the frozen reaches of Tamriel. The player, gifted with dragon-like powers, will stop a civil war as well as an apocalypse. The three DLC packs allow players to build a house, battle vampires, and return to Solstheim.

The anthology is priced at $79.99, €59.99, £49.99, or $89.99AUD depending where you live. It's a good value even if you disregard Daggerfall and Arena, which are both free through Bethesda's website. The Oblivion and Morrowind Game of the Year bundles cost $20 apiece, and the Legendary Edition of Skyrim is $60. If you don't want one of those three games or their DLC, though, this isn't as good of a deal.

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