The upcoming digital download horror-survival game, Amy, is already turning heads and garnering attention for its bold new take on the way the two main protagonists are handled, but it’s also getting some attention for its stark and very noir inspired art-style. You can check out some of the dark and foreboding concept images for the upcoming Amy, featuring a few of the key players as well as some of the environments that players will be visiting throughout their journey.

The game sees players controlling Lana, an infected who doesn’t mutate so long as she stays near Amy. Players will sometimes have to use Lana’s mutation abilities to fight off enemies or gain access to new areas.

The unique aspect about Amy is that it seems to fuse some of the old school Silent Hill appeal with a little bit of the survivalists aspects found in Resident Evil 4. This definitely makes the game one of the more unique titles coming out this year.

You can check out the new concept art for Lexis Numerique’s upcoming thriller below, or visit the Official Website to keep up-to-date on the game.

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