In supernatural World War II shooter Wolfenstein, you'll be able to melt Nazis with a plasma cannon. Some of the other weapons aren't quite so high-tech, though.

This one little tidbit in the ESRB summary caught out our eye: "During one sequence, players can use an axe to chop off the heads and arms of enemies." Raven Software's really earning that Mature rating, it seems. Is it all that surprising, considering how gory their X-Men Origins: Wolverine adaptation was?

Melee combat's always been a very hit-and-miss proposition in first-person shooters. Games like Zeno Clash and Mirror's Edge did okay with it, though, so there's hope. Even if the axe-swinging doesn't turn out to be any fun in Wolfenstein, it seems like it'll be limited to only one segment anyway. Wolfenstein will arrive on the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360 this summer.

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